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@Serdaro Serdaro released this Mar 22, 2016 · 498 commits to master since this release

This document includes the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Hazelcast C++ Client 3.6.1 release.

New Features

There are no new features.


There are no new enhancements.


  • The client gets stuck on server restart. #64-issue.
  • Fixes the problems with client hanging during server restarts on heavy loads. Fixes a memory access issue when re-throwing an exception, correctly clears the call promise maps during connection close. Adds LoadTests while server restarting and solves the problems that the tests create. #64-PR
  • Reverted the thread usage for partition refreshing. It should be handled better by using a mechanism such as ExecutorService. The destructor of the thread was blocking on thread join after performing thread_cancel (cancel was not affecting the update) which caused the update to be blocking anyway. The refresh is being called through the cluster listener thread hence it does not block the IOSelector thread. Added the additional addresses to Java server member for some manual tests. #63
  • Fix for release script error when there is space in the directory path. #52
  • Backport of all changes performed at master into the maintenance branch. #45
  • Static initialization moved to the header. #43
  • CHECK_NULL in SerializationService header moved to source file since MACROs can collide with the users MACRO when defined in the header. An example code is provided for custom serialization. Related test codes are modified for custom serialization. For threads safety, instance of SerializationConstants is created in global space. ClassCastException for portable identified and custom serializable is added. #38
  • Added the missing header files into the release script. #34
  • Fixes compile problems due to the usage of stdint MACROS. #28
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