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Table of Contents

Hazelcast DynaCache

This repository contains Hazelcast DynaCache feature for Liberty Profile. In Liberty WAS, you can use dynamic cache engine (which is the default) in order to cache your data. With this feature, you can use Hazelcast as cache provider.

Tested with Liberty


Creating Development Environment

  • Clone this GitHub repository:

    git clone
  • Execute mvn clean package on hazelcast-dynacache root directory to create the .esa file

Installing Hazelcast DynaCache to WebSphere Liberty

Install the .esa file by executing the following command:

<liberty dir>/bin/featureManager install hazelcast-dynacache/hazelcast-dynacache/target/hazelcast-dynacache-0.3.esa

Use hazelcast as your cache provider name in your file.

Enabling Hazelcast DynaCache on WebSphere Liberty

Enable Hazelcast DynaCache by adding the following snippet to your server.xml file:


Installing Hazelcast DynaCache to Traditional WebSphere

Apply the iFix under twas-ifix directory to your WebSphere server and put the following files under WAS_HOME/lib/ext:

  • hazelcast-all-3.11.jar
  • hazelcast-dynacache-bundle-0.3.jar

Use as your cache provider name in your file.