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Hazelcast Discovery Plugin for GCP

This repository contains a plugin which provides the automatic Hazelcast member discovery in the Google Cloud Platform (Compute Engine) environment.


  • Hazelcast 3.10+
  • GCP VM instances must have access to Cloud API (at minimum "Read Only" Access Scope to "Compute Engine" API)
  • Versions compatibility: hazelcast-gcp 1.1+ is compatible with hazelcast 3.11+; for older hazelcast versions you need to use hazelcast-gcp 1.0.


The plugin supports Members Discovery SPI and Zone Aware features.

Hazelcast Members Discovery SPI

Make sure you have the hazelcast-gcp.jar dependency in your classpath. Then, you can configure Hazelcast in one of the following manners.

XML Configuration

    <property name="hazelcast.discovery.enabled">true</property>
      <tcp-ip enabled="false" />
      <multicast enabled="false"/>
      <aws enabled="false" />
        <discovery-strategy enabled="true" class="com.hazelcast.gcp.GcpDiscoveryStrategy">
            <property name="private-key-path">/home/name/service/account/key.json</property>
            <property name="projects">project-1,project-2</property>
            <property name="zones">us-east1-a,us-east1-b</property>
            <property name="label">application=hazelcast</property>
            <property name="hz-port">5701-5708</property>

Java-based Configuration

Config config = new Config();
config.getProperties().setProperty("hazelcast.discovery.enabled", "true");
JoinConfig joinConfig = config.getNetworkConfig().getJoin();

GcpDiscoveryStrategyFactory gcpDiscoveryStrategyFactory = new GcpDiscoveryStrategyFactory();
Map<String, Comparable> properties = new HashMap<String, Comparable>();
DiscoveryStrategyConfig discoveryStrategyConfig = new DiscoveryStrategyConfig(gcpDiscoveryStrategyFactory, properties);

The following properties can be configured:

  • private-key-path: a filesystem path to the private key for GCP service account in the JSON format; if not set, the access token is fetched from the GCP VM instance
  • projects: a list of projects where the plugin looks for instances; if not set, the current project is used
  • zones: a list of zones where the plugin looks for instances; if not set, the current zone is used
  • label: a filter to look only for instances labeled as specified; property format: key=value
  • hz-port: a range of ports where the plugin looks for Hazelcast members; if not set, the default value 5701-5708 is used

Note that:

  • Your GCP Service Account must have permissions to query for all the projects/zones specified in the configuration
  • If you don't specify any of the properties, then the plugin forms a cluster from all Hazelcast members running in the current project, in the current zone
  • If you use the plugin in the Hazelcast Client running outside of the GCP network, then the following parameters are mandatory: private-key-path, projects, and zones

Zone Aware

When using ZONE_AWARE configuration, backups are created in the other availability zone.

XML Configuration

<partition-group enabled="true" group-type="ZONE_AWARE" />

Java-based Configuration

PartitionGroupConfig partitionGroupConfig = config.getPartitionGroupConfig();
    .setGroupType( MemberGroupType.ZONE_AWARE );

Understanding GCP Discovery Strategy

Hazelcast member starts by fetching a list of all instances filtered by projects, zones, and label. Then, each instance is checked one-by-one with its IP and each of the ports defined in the hz-port property. When a member is discovered under IP:PORT, then it joins the cluster.

If users want to create multiple Hazelcast clusters in one project/zone, then they need to manually label the instances.

Embedded Mode

To use Hazelcast GCP embedded in your application, you need to add the plugin dependency into your Maven/Gradle file. Then, when you provide hazelcast.xml (or Java-based configuration) as presented above, your Hazelcast instances discover themselves automatically.




compile group: "com.hazelcast", name: "hazelcast-gcp", version: "${hazelcast-gcp-version}"

How to find us?

In case of any question or issue, please raise a GH issue, send an email to Hazelcast Google Groups or contact as directly via Hazelcast Gitter.