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Hazelcast Jet Code Samples

A repository of code samples for Hazelcast Jet. The samples show you how to integrate Hazelcast Jet with other systems, how to connect to various data sources (both from a Hazelcast IMDG and 3rd-party systems) and how to use the Pipeline API to solve a range of use cases. There is also a folder with samples using the Core API.

Basic Examples

Word Count

Analyzes a set of documents and finds the number of occurrences of each word they contain.


This sample shows how to enrich a stream of items with additional information using three different approaches.

Hazelcast Connectors

Demonstrates the usage of Hazelcast IMap, ICache and IList as data sources and sinks.

Map & Cache Event Journal Source

Shows how to enable and use the event journal to process an unbounded stream of changes on an IMap or ICache.


Shows how to connect to a Kafka topic as a Jet data source. Also shows how to use an Avro schema registry with this source.


Demonstrates Jet's job management capabilities with job submission, job tracking and scaling up.

File IO

Shows how to use files on the local filesystem as the data source in a Jet job. Jet can use files as a batch data source (reading what's currently in the files) and as an unbounded stream source (emitting new data as it gets appended to the files).

The sample also shows how to deal with Avro-serialized files.


Shows how to work with Hadoop using text input and Avro.

JDBC Connector

Demonstrates the usage of a database as a Jet data source/sink.

JMS Connector

Demonstrates the usage of JMS queue and topic as a Jet data source.

Session Window Aggregation

Demonstrates the session window vertex to track the behavior of the users of an online shop application.

Socket Source and Sink

Samples showing the usage of a TCP/IP socket as a source and a sink.

Sliding Windows

A demonstration of Jet's sliding window aggregations on an infinite stream using stock trades as source data.


Spring Integration

A sample project which shows how to integrate Hazelcast Jet with Spring.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry

A sample Spring Boot application which shows how to use Hazelcast Jet in Pivotal Cloud Foundry environment.

Docker Compose

Shows how to deploy Hazelcast Jet into a docker environment


Shows how to deploy Hazelcast Jet inside Kubernetes environment.


Shows how to deploy Hazelcast Jet inside Kubernetes environment using Helm package manager.


Enterprise SSL Configuration

Shows how to configure Hazelcast Jet Enterprise with SSL

Advanced Examples

Co-Group Transform

Uses the co-group transform to perform a full outer join of three streams on a common join key (a many-to-many relationship). Shows both batch and streaming approaches.

Custom Source

Shows how to use the Source Builder to create a custom Jet data source. The sample creates an unbounded stream source that repeatedly issues an HTTP request and emits the data from the response. The sample includes a simple HTTP server that serves system monitor data, a Jet pipeline that performs windowed aggregation on the data, and a GUI window that visualizes the results.

Custom Sink

Shows how to use the Sink Builder to create a custom Jet data sink. The sink in the sample connects to a Hazelcast ITopic.

Fault Tolerance

A sample that illustrates the various fault tolerance features of Jet and the effects of different processing guarantees that a Jet job can be configured with.

Inverted Index with TF-IDF Scoring

The sample builds an inverted index on a corpus of about a 100 MB of book material and then presents you with a GUI dialog where you can enter your search terms. The GUI poignantly demonstrates the speed of the search by instantly responding to every keystroke and displaying a result list.

Core-API Samples

Various samples using the DAG API. See the related README for more details.


Hazelcast is available under the Apache 2 License. Please see the Licensing section for more information.


Copyright (c) 2008-2018, Hazelcast, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Visit for more info.