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InfluxDb Connector

A Hazelcast Jet connector for InfluxDb which enables Hazelcast Jet pipelines to read/write data points from/to InfluxDb.

Connector Attributes

Source Attributes

Atrribute Value
Has Source Yes
Batch Yes
Stream No
Distributed No

Sink Attributes

Atrribute Value
Has Sink Yes
Distributed Yes

Getting Started


The InfluxDb Connector artifacts are published on the Maven repositories.

Add the following lines to your pom.xml to include it as a dependency to your project:


or if you are using Gradle:

compile group: 'com.hazelcast.jet.contrib', name: 'influxdb', version: ${version}


As a Source

InfluxDb batch source (InfluxDbSources.influxDb()) executes the query and emits the results as they arrive.

Following is an example pipeline which queries from InfluxDb, maps the first and second column values on the row to a tuple and logs them.

Pipeline p = Pipeline.create();
        InfluxDbSources.influxDb("SELECT * FROM db..cpu_usages",
                (name, tags, columns, row) -> tuple2(row.get(0), row.get(1))))

As a Sink

InfluxDb sink (InfluxDbSinks.influxDb()) is used to write data points from Hazelcast Jet Pipeline to InfluxDb .

Following is an example pipeline which reads out measurements from Hazelcast List, maps them to Point instances and writes them to InfluxDb.

Pipeline p = Pipeline.create();
 .map(index -> Point.measurement("mem_usage")
                    .time(System.nanoTime(), TimeUnit.NANOSECONDS)
                    .addField("value", index)
 .drainTo(InfluxDbSinks.influxDb(DB_URL, DATABASE_NAME, USERNAME, PASSWORD));

Check out com.hazelcast.jet.contrib.influxdb.InfluxDbSinkTest test class for a more complete setup.

Running the tests

To run the tests run the command below:

./gradlew test


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