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Redis Connectors

Hazelcast Jet connector for various Redis data structures which enables Hazelcast Jet pipelines to read/write data points from/to them:

Prerequisites for all connectors


First thing you will need is a Redis installation. Check out the Redis Quick Start guide on how to do this.

For development, the fastest way to get it working is to use Homebrew:

  • $ brew install redis installs it
  • $ brew info redis can check the installed version
  • $ brew services start redis starts it as a service
  • $ redis-cli ping can be used to make sure it's running
  • $ brew services stop redis stops the service
  • $ brew uninstall redis uninstalls it and its files

Java client

Redis Connector artifacts are published on the Maven repositories. The connectors in turn also have a dependency of their own on the Lettuce Redis Java client, but that jar will be included transitively. Just add the following lines to your pom.xml:


Or if you are using Gradle:

compile group: 'com.hazelcast.jet.contrib', name: 'redis', version: ${version}

Running the tests

To run the tests run the command below:

../gradlew test


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