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Releases: hazelcast/hazelcast-jet


09 Dec 13:17
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Hazelcast Jet 4.5.4 is based on IMDG version 4.2.6.

  1. Fixes

[core] Fixed an issue where a Jet job was stuck when there is a Near Cache configured at the target map.
[dependencies] Updated Hazelcast IMDG to 4.2.6
[dependencies] Updated jackson to 2.14.1
[dependencies] Updated snakeyaml to 1.33
[dependencies] Updated hadoop to 3.3.4
[dependencies] Updated parquet to 1.12.3
[dependencies] Updated jetty to 9.4.49.v20220914
[dependencies] Updated hazelcast-aws to 3.4
[dependencies] Updated AWS SDK to 1.12.352
[dependencies] Updated hazelcast-kubernetes to 2.2.3
[dependencies] Updated hazelcast-azure to 2.1.2
[dependencies] Updated grpc to 1.48.2
[dependencies] Updated protobuf to 3.19.6
[dependencies] Updated postgresql driver to 42.5.1
[dependencies] Updated jackson-mapper-asl to 1.9.13
[dependencies] Updated google oauth client to 1.34.1
[dependencies] Updated lucene-queryparser to 6.6.5 (in elasticsearch-5 module)
[distribution] Removed the hazelcast-jet-cdc-mysql module from the Jet Enterprise distribution


21 Dec 09:26
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Hazelcast Jet 4.5.3 is based on IMDG version 4.2.4 .

  1. Fixes

[dependencies] Update log4j to 2.17.0


17 Dec 09:47
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Hazelcast Jet 4.5.2 is based on IMDG version 4.2.3 .

  1. Fixes

[dependencies] Update log4j to 2.16.0
[dependencies] Update slf4j to 1.7.32
[dependencies] Update jackson to 2.11.4
[dependencies] Update snakeyaml to 1.29
[dependencies] Update netty to 4.1.72.Final
[dependencies] Update mysql-connector-java to 8.0.25
[dependencies] Update aws-sdk to 1.12.128
[dependencies] Update avro to 1.11.0


10 Sep 09:38
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Hazelcast Jet 4.5.1 is based on IMDG version 4.2.2 .

  1. Fixes

[core] Fix rebalance() nonfunctional before fused stages (#3051)
[hadoop] Update Apache Commons Compress to 1.21
[hadoop] Update JSON Small and Fast Parser to 2.4.7
[hadoop] Update Jetty to 9.4.43
[hadoop] Apache Commons IO to 2.7
[metrics] Update Prometheus JMX Exporter - Java Agent to 0.16.1
[elasticsearch] Update Elasticsearch6 to 6.8.17


21 Apr 07:57
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  • @hhromic added an option to configure the batch size for JDBC Sink.
    A new batchLimit() method added to the JdbcSinkBuilder and the
    corresponding constructor arguments to the underlying implementation
    class and meta-suppliers.
  • Limit parallel partition reads: In Map/Cache source, Jet tries to
    read all the partitions in parallel, which may lead to high memory
    usage. Now the max number of parallel reads is limited.
  • Improve AggregateOperations.pickAny() by adding deduct
  • Security updates: updated several libraries with identified security
  • SQL: pre-existing ClassDefinition is no longer required for
    Portable serialization - if it does not exist, it's derived from the
    mapping columns.


10 Mar 13:58
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  1. Fixes

[avro] Update Apache Commons Compress to 1.20 (#2953)
[avro] Update avro version to 1.10.1 (#2937)
[cdc] Update MySQL Connector to 8.0.20 (#2953)
[core] Update Jackson version to 2.11.4 (#2938)
[elasticsearch] Update ElasticSearch-6 to 6.8.14 (#2946)
[elasticsearch] Update ElasticSearch-7 to 7.10.2 (#2945, #2956)
[elasticsearch] Update Snakeyaml version to 1.26 (#2949)
[hadoop] Update Apache Httpclient to 4.5.13 (#2953)
[hadoop] Update Guava to 30.1-jre (#2953)
[kafka] Update Kafka to 2.2.2 (#2948)
[s3] Update Netty version to 4.1.59.Final (#2943)


02 Feb 14:00
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  • @hhromic improved the naming of source and sink stages across different
    connectors, bringing them all in line with the same convention xSource
    / xSink
  • @TomaszGaweda added the pipeline.isEmpty() method that tells whether
    it contains any stage
  • SQL Beta: submit jobs to Jet from the command-line SQL shell.
  • Unified API to create sources and sinks from file-like resources: local
    filesystem, Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage and Data Lake Storage, Google
    Cloud Storage
  • Amazon Kinesis connector
  • Prevent event reordering: by default Jet reorders data for performance,
    now you can disable this to get strict event order where you need it.
  • @TomaszGaweda added the jet.imdg.version.mismatch.check.disabled
    config property that disables the enforcement of the exact IMDG
    dependency version. This allows adding IMDG quick fixes to the existing
    Jet release.
  • New packaging: download either the full package with all the extensions
    enabled, or the minimal package and separately download the extensions
    you want.
  • Improved the behavior of jet submit: now it waits for the job to
    start and prints a message about it.
  • Improved the error message when using a Python function but Python
    is not installed.
  • Improved the performance of the Kafka source by fine-tuning some


20 Oct 12:12
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  • @MohamedMandouh implemented distributed sorting: BatchStage.sort().
  • @guenter-hesse added a high-throughput source with precisely controlled
    timing, to be used to benchmark Jet's throughput and latency.
  • We added the ability for Jet to suspend an unbounded, fault-tolerant job
    when it fails due to an exception in the pipeline code. This allows you
    to diagnose the problem, remove its cause, and resume the pipeline without
    data loss.
  • We have improved the consistency of reconnect behaviour across CDC sources and
    introduced a uniform API to configure the reconnect strategy.
  • We improved the behavior of streaming pipelines based on ingestion time: a
    low event rate in any partition of the source used to stall the progress,
    now the watermark advances even without events.
  • We moved the Pipeline to DAG transformation from the client to the server,
    in preparation for the upcoming feature of preventing event reordering in the


14 Jul 11:40
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  • We added Change Data Capture (CDC) support for PostgreSQL and MySql. New
    connectors use Debezium to provide a high-level API for processing the
    stream of changes from relational databases. A new map sink can be used to
    automatically keep the map in-sync with changes from the database.
  • We added new source and sink connectors for Elasticsearch 5, 6 and 7
    with support for slicing and co-located reading for maximum read performance
    and extended Elasticsearch's client retry mechanism for reliable writing.
  • We improved JSON support through a new file source which can read JSON files
    directly and also added built-in Jet methods for parsing and mapping JSON strings.
  • We introduced .relabance() operator which can be used for distributing items
    across the cluster.
  • We made some improvements to Jet startup scripts:
    • You can now use the PROMETHEUS_PORT to start Jet with prometheus metrics enabled.
    • You can use the jvm.options file to edit the startup JVM parameters.
    • You can now use the JET_MODULES environment variable to add modules when using docker
      or jet-start script.
  • We did several rounds of improvements to the documentation:
    • Improvements to Docker and Kubernetes instructions
    • New guidance on Garbage Collector choice and settings
    • New and improved tutorials for CDC
    • New documentation for Python module and early results support in windowing


05 Jun 11:13
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  1. Enhancements

[docker] Update Java version to 11 in Docker image

  1. Fixes

[core] JmsSink should not throw when it receives a Watermark