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Hazelcast Jet 3.0

  • 3.0 is the first major release of Hazelcast Jet past 0.x, and is versioned at 3.x to align
    it better with IMDG 3.x versions that it is based on
  • Starting with 3.0, main Job API and the pipeline API will be backwards compatible in further minor
    versions. Core API will only be compatible between patch versions.
    • Several APIs have been streamlined in preparation for this change. Please see the breaking changes
      section of the release notes for a list of specific changes.
  • Pipeline API has the following new additions:
    • Support for async map/filter/flatMapUsingContext methods
    • Support for emitting early results for a window before a window has completed
  • Being able to atomically create a job only if it's not already running using
  • [Jet Enterprise] Support for job upgrades and A/B testing via taking a named snapshot and then starting the job
    from the saved snapshot.
  • [Jet Enterprise] Being able to restart the whole cluster and restoring jobs by using
    IMDG Hot Restart to persist the cluster to disk
  • New Jet Command Line Interface for job management of a cluster
  • Support for improved Watermark diagnostics in Jet Management Center
  • Support for showing map stats in Jet Management Center
  • Full support for JDK 11
  • Update Hazelcast version to 3.12