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  • v4.4
  • 84d30f2
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  • v4.4
  • 84d30f2
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@olukas olukas released this Feb 2, 2021 · 35 commits to master since this release

  • @hhromic improved the naming of source and sink stages across different
    connectors, bringing them all in line with the same convention xSource
    / xSink
  • @TomaszGaweda added the pipeline.isEmpty() method that tells whether
    it contains any stage
  • SQL Beta: submit jobs to Jet from the command-line SQL shell.
  • Unified API to create sources and sinks from file-like resources: local
    filesystem, Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage and Data Lake Storage, Google
    Cloud Storage
  • Amazon Kinesis connector
  • Prevent event reordering: by default Jet reorders data for performance,
    now you can disable this to get strict event order where you need it.
  • @TomaszGaweda added the jet.imdg.version.mismatch.check.disabled
    config property that disables the enforcement of the exact IMDG
    dependency version. This allows adding IMDG quick fixes to the existing
    Jet release.
  • New packaging: download either the full package with all the extensions
    enabled, or the minimal package and separately download the extensions
    you want.
  • Improved the behavior of jet submit: now it waits for the job to
    start and prints a message about it.
  • Improved the error message when using a Python function but Python
    is not installed.
  • Improved the performance of the Kafka source by fine-tuning some
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