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Hazelcast Node.js Client 0.10

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This document includes the new features, enhancements, and fixed issues for Hazelcast Node.js Client 0.10 release.


  • Added support for client statistics. [#275]
  • Enhanced the client's documentation. [#340]
  • Added support for the client so that it can connect to the cluster using SSL without specifying certificate authorities. [#403]
  • Exposed ConfigBuilder so that the users can use it to extend their configurations. [#375]


  • Fixed an issue where the client was hanging forever without giving any errors, when the server side does not support the Open Binary Protocol. [#132]
  • Fixed the bluebird deprecation warnings which had been logging while the client is connected to the Hazelcast instance. [#251]
  • Fixed an issue where the client was reporting the previous release version. [#351 , #417]
  • Fixed an issue where the ProxyManager's proxies map was using only the object names as keys. Now, this map uses the namespace including service name, too. [#361]

Breaking Changes

  • Unified the API calls to register listeners. [#355]
  • Calls such as client.getMap and client.getList now returns promises. See below.

Old API:

var map = client.getMap('mapName');
map.put('key', 'value');

New API:

client.getMap('mapName').then(function(map) {
    return map.put('key', 'value');