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import hazelcast
from hazelcast.serialization.api import Portable
class MessagePrinter(Portable):
def __init__(self, message=None):
self.message = message
def write_portable(self, writer):
writer.write_utf("message", self.message)
def read_portable(self, reader):
self.message = reader.read_utf("message")
def get_factory_id(self):
return self.FACTORY_ID
def get_class_id(self):
return self.CLASS_ID
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Start the Hazelcast Client and connect to an already running Hazelcast Cluster on
hz = hazelcast.HazelcastClient()
# Get the Distributed Executor Service
ex = hz.get_executor("my-distributed-executor")
# Get the an Hazelcast Cluster Member
member = hz.cluster.get_member_list()[0]
# Submit the MessagePrinter Runnable to the first Hazelcast Cluster Member
ex.execute_on_member(member, MessagePrinter("message to very first member of the cluster"))
# Submit the MessagePrinter Runnable to all Hazelcast Cluster Members
ex.execute_on_all_members(MessagePrinter("message to all members in the cluster"))
# Submit the MessagePrinter Runnable to the Hazelcast Cluster Member owning the key called "key"
ex.execute_on_key_owner("key", MessagePrinter("message to the member that owns the following key"))
# Shutdown this Hazelcast Client
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