Lock.tryLock with lease time #1564

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Hazelcast has lock with lease time feature but does not support tryLock with lease time

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Is tryLock with lease time now supported? I see this was closed, but don't see that it was resolved.


this is an open issue, we've not yet solved it.
the closed one was only a duplicate. Please see #3692


is this so hard to implement? I mean... one year and counting.... looks like copy/paste to me from the normal "lock" feature.


Hey @logemann, yeah I guess you're kinda right.
Would you like to give it a try and going to implement it? We would appreciate your help.

mattk42 commented Jun 3, 2015

I have taken a stab at this and it seems to be working. Going to spend some time on unit tests and should have a pull request soon.



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fixed via #5658

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can I use this combination as workaround to specify lease time?

if (lock.tryLock(1, TimeUnit.SECONDS) {
   lock.lock(2, TimeUnit.SECONDS);

no need for a workaround for 3.6, we've implemented tryLock with lease time.
please take a look at https://github.com/hazelcast/hazelcast/blob/master/hazelcast/src/main/java/com/hazelcast/core/ILock.java#L90

for the previous versions, yes it works but you need to unlock twice since you've locked it twice:
one with tryLock and one with lock

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