WebFilter updates: (1) Add ability to use HazelcastClient for WebSessions, (2) Issue with session Map wrapping #153

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2 updates for the WebFilter:

1) Added the ability to configure the WebFilter for use as a HazelcastClient connecting to and storing session data to an already running cluster.

NB: This change required a pom update to include the hazelcast-client module as a new dependency of the hazelcast-wm module

2) Potentially as a knock-on from this, I experienced some issues with the persistence of sessions. Investigation led to the fact that when persisted the session is translated to an nio.Data object which is pushed to the distributed map. On retrieval, the system is expecting a naked Map instance leading to class cast exceptions. Adding ThreadContext.get().toObject(..) correctly deserializes the instances.

Andrew Walters added some commits May 9, 2012
Andrew Walters Adding ability to use Client for web session management. 2725be9
Andrew Walters Not sure that this was ever working in a multiple VM environment - th…
…e object put in to the clusterMap is ALWAYS nio.Data, not the raw Map. As such I'm confused as to how getClusterMap().get(..) was ever working as it's expecting to pull a raw Map back across.
Andrew Walters Documentation of client WebFilter parameters 4523916
Andrew Walters Documentation of client WebFilter parameters 1f992cb
Andrew Walters entryEvent.getMember() is null for clients. 07674c3
hazelcast member

I have merged these manually into local repo. I will push soon together some other changes.

@mdogan mdogan added a commit that closed this pull request May 14, 2012
@mdogan mdogan Added ClientConfigBuilder to create config from properties file.
Updated hazelcast-wm to be able to use client.
Removed tomcat manager based impl.
Fixes #153.
Fixes #93.
@mdogan mdogan closed this in 32ca918 May 14, 2012
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