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Example of how to generate CRC7 byte for SD cards in SPI mode
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When communicating to SD cards in SPI mode, a 6-byte command frame is used. The first byte is the command index. Bytes two through five are the argument. The last byte is a CRC byte that is calculated from the first five bytes. The CRC polynomial used in SD cards is:

G(x) = x^7 + x^3 + x^0

The result of CRC calculation goes in the upper 7 bits of the CRC byte. The 0 bit of is set high.

This code shows what the CRC7 bytes are for a few common SD commands.

You will need a gcc 4.7 or newer in order to build this with the current Makefile, although it should be straightforward to modify to work with earlier compilers or even with a C compiler.

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