Extended functionality for Drag and Drop with RaphaelJS and Mootools
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Title: Missing Drag and Drop functions in RaphaelJS Author: Matthew Hazlett


RaphaelJS is an awsome library for doing canvas related projects in a cross browser fassion.

This Project Contains

Raphiel Extentions

What the extentions do is fill in a few little gaps in the library that specifically relate to drag and drop.

Class Library

A class that handles the Drag and Drop operations for you. All you have to do is listen for the proper events.


  • Drag.fireEvent('dragStart', [this, this.intersectsWith(), dragAxis, dragInfo]);
  • Drag.fireEvent('dragMove', [this, this.intersectsWith(), dragAxis, dragInfo, dragValues]);
  • Drag.fireEvent('dragDone', [this, this.intersectsWith()]);
  • Drag.fireEvent('dragOut', [this, source]);


  • Drag.add(orj); -or- Drag.add([obj, obj, obj]);

Raphiel Extentions Information

 * Function: getFirst()
 *     Args: none
 *    Notes: This function walks the list of objects
 *           in RaphaelJS the find the first object created
 *  Returns: object
 *      Use: firstObject = myObject.getFirst();

 * Function: getAll()
 *     Args: none
 *    Notes: This function walks the list of objects
 *           in RaphaelJS and returns an array of objects
 *  Returns: [ object, object, object ]
 *      Use: allObjects = myObject.getAll();

 * Function: intersects(myObject)
 *     Args: Object to compare
 *    Notes: This function takes two objects and tells you
 *           if they intersect
 *  Returns: boolean
 *      Use: isIntersect = myObject.intersects(myObject);

 * Function: intersectsWith()
 *     Args: none
 *    Notes: This function looks at all the objects
 *           and sees if this object intersects with any
 *  Returns: [ object, object, object ]
 *      Use: allIntersect = myObject.intersectsWith();

 * Function: friendlyName()
 *     Args: none -or- name as string
 *    Notes: This is a setter or a getter
 *  Returns: object
 *      Use: object.friendlyName('bob');

Please see the examples for more information.