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Component Based TodoMVC using CRA (Create React App)
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TodoMVC - Create React App

Another TodoMVC app.


Built using Create React App. An officially supported way to create single-page React applications.


Deployed using Netlify.

Key Features

  • Component Based React App. All features inside the app was grouped into components, each components has single folder contained the necessary items, in this case, the React script and CSS file. Should the feature no longer needed in the future, it will be easier to remove, just remove the folder!
  • SASS, A CSS library. Allow me to nested styles, make it easier to write BEM-like syntax.
  • React Hooks: useState, useReducer, useEffect, useRef.
  • Director, a tiny url router.

Other Implementation

  • TodoMVC using Next.js, its using almost the exact same component (apart from routing and useReducer), but using Next.js, another React framework.
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