A simple feed-forward neural network with annotated code.
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A simple implementation of a feed-forward neural network with minimal dependencies.


The package defines a standard neural network NN class and several modules:

  • act: Activation functions and their derivatives. Defines the Activation class.
  • loss: Error functions and their derivatives. Defines the Loss class.
  • opt: Optimization functions. Defines the Optimizer class.
  • layers: Densly connected n-dimensional layers. Defines the Layer class.

Currently, implemented optimizers are:

  • Momentum
  • Standard Gradient Descent

Activations available:

  • tanh
  • sigmoid
  • ReLU
  • LeakyReLU
  • Linear

Error measures:

  • Squared error

All modules are extensively commented and provide function and class signatures for modifications.

The notebook Learning logic gates.ipynb contains examples of usage.

Usage example

Implementing a simple XOR gate:

Input   Hidden  Output
    X        >---[]
import numpy as np
from poormansnn import NN, Layer, loss, act, opt

# Define hyperparameters and architecture
batchsize = 40
epochs = 500
layers = [Layer(shape=(2,), prevshape=(2,), act.Tanh()),
          Layer(shape=(1,), prevshape=(2,), act.Tanh())]
error = loss.SquaredLoss()
rate = 1.2
optimizer = opt.Optimizer(rate)

# Construct the network
n = NN(layers, error=error, optimizer=optimizer)

# Specify training data and labels. Each instance has the same dimension as
# the network's input layer. Each label has the same dimension as the network's
# output layer.
X = np.array([[0,0],
Y = np.array([[0],

# Train the network
errors, _ = n.train(X, Y, batchsize, epochs, train=(Y, X))

Illustration of XOR gate learning.