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An online Urdu markdown editor written with AngularJS | انٹرنیٹ پر مبنی ٹیکسٹ ایڈیٹر

Live demo at

For documentation in Urdu, go to

For documentation in English, go to

Urdown (Udru + Markdown) is an online markdown editor with preference for right-to-left languages like Urdu. It supports left-to-right languages as well. It can embed blocks of left-to-right languages like English by enclosing them in three commas ,,, (in new lines). In addition, Urdown suports shortcodes for HugoWiki hugo theme. Embedding text in {{%rtl|ltr}}TEXT{{%\rtl|ltr%}} will also produce directed output. The rest of the markdown rules are the same as Showdown.js.

Urdown is a fully client-side app that can:

  • Render markdown instantly,
  • Load markdown files from a URL,
  • Load markdown files from disk,
  • Save markdown files to disk,
  • Export rendered markdown as PDF (using browsers' save-to-pdf ability),
  • Export markdown as HTML,
  • Switch between day/night modes,
  • Switch between edit/read modes.

In addition Urdown can render markdown files passed as URL arguments:[true|false]&nightMode=[true|false]&dir=[ltr|rtl]

Where [true|false] is a placeholder for either true or false, and [ltr|rtl] is a placeholder for either rtl (default, right-to-left) or ltr. A possible use for this is to add that link in an iframe on another site to render Urdu markdown without having to mess with HTML tags etc.

What is markdown?

Markdown is a lightweight way of formatting text so that it can be easily converted into HTML for display on web pages.

How to type Urdu?

There are several excellent Urdu keyboards available. I use a phonetic keyboard that can be found here. For convenience, you can quickly switch between languages on your computer by using Alt+Shift (Windows) and Command+Space or Command+Option+Space (Mac).

For Chrome users, you can add the Google Input Tools extension that allows you to use phonetic and standard Urdu keyboards on your browser.


I have tested Urdown on Internet Explorer 11, Edge, and Chrome 53. The best experience, by far, was on Chrome.


There are several venues for contributing:

  • Add a new user interface language. To do that duplicate static/ui/english.json and name it to language of choice (in english). Then translate all strings on right hand side into your language. Then add your language option to js/urdown.js in the UILANGS variable at the top.
  • Add auto-scrolling feature. Currently you have to manually scroll down both the input and output panes to edit text longer than page height. A feature where the output pane scrolls to the corresponding location of the cursor on the input pane would be amazing.


An Urdu markdown editor | انٹرنیٹ پر مبنی ٹیکسٹ ایڈیٹر







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