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Dynamic workspaces for Go

This repository contains a set of scripts which, when invoked, append the current directory or the directory of the invoked script to the beginning of GOPATH and end of PATH environment variables.

##Powershell If you use powershell as your console, you'll need first to enable scripts. Open powershell as administrator and:

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

There are two options:
###1. Activation Script Copy the files goinit.ps1 and godie.ps1 to your Go workspace folder. Whenever you call goinit.ps1 (from any location) it'll append the script's directory to the beginning of GOPATH and add the bin subdirectory to the system PATH. godie.ps1 (from any location) will reset changes. The changes will only apply for the current console session.


###2. Profile Function Run install.ps1. It will add functions goinit and godie to the powershell $profile file. So whenever you enter goinit in a powershell session, the current working directory will become the Go workspace. godie will reverse changes.

Note: You need to reload your powershell profile/console after running install for the functions to become available.

##Cmd Copy goinit.bat and godie.bat to each Go workspace. Running goinit will add the directory of the script to the GOPATH and PATH variables to . Running godie will restore changes. Changes only apply for the current console session.

##Bash Append the contents of goinit.sh to your ~/.bashrc file and reload your profile:

$ cat goinit.sh >> ~/.bashrc
$ source ~/.bashrc

Then typing goinit and godie should set and unset the relevant environment variables and make current directory a Go workspace. Changes do not persist across sessions.