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Claws Mail integration for Tomboy
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Claws Mail addin for Tomboy

This addin provides Claws Mail integration for Tomboy.
When emails are dragged from the summary view in Claws Mail and dropped
into a Tomboy note, an email link is created in the note. Clicking the
link will open the note again in Claws Mail.

To install the addin for a local user, type
make && make install

You will need the gmcs compiler, gmime-sharp and of course Tomboy
for this to succeed. The addin only works with Claws Mail 3.7.4 or later.

Then activate the addin in the Tomboy addin dialog,
"Desktop Integration" section.

To install system wide, just copy the file ClawsMail.dll to the system
wide addin folder (e.g. /usr/lib/tomboy/addins)

Copyright 2009 Holger Berndt <>

The addin is heavily influenced by the Evolution addin that is shipped
with Tomboy copyrighted by the Tomboy team.
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