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HBase In Action: TwitBase

Compiling the project

Code is managed by maven. Be sure to install maven on your platform before running these commands. Also be aware that HBase is not yet supported on the OpenJDK platform, the default JVM installed on most modern Linux distributions. You'll want to install the Oracle (Sun) Java 6 runtime and make sure it's configured on your $PATH before you continue. Again, on Ubuntu, you may find the oab-java6 utility to be of use.

To build a self-contained jar:

$ mvn package

The jar created using this by default will allow you to interact with HBase running in standalone mode on your local machine. If you want to interact with a remote (possibly fully distributed) HBase deployment, you can put your hbase-site.xml file in the src/main/resources directory before compiling the jar.

Using TwitBase

We have provided a launcher script to run TwitBase and the utilities that the HBaseIA project comes with.

$ bin/launcher

Just run the launcher without any arguments and it'll print out the usage information.

TwitBase applications can also be run using java directly:

$ java -cp target/twitbase-1.0.0.jar <app> [options...]

Utilities for interacting with TwitBase include:

  • HBaseIA.TwitBase.InitTables : create TwitBase tables
  • HBaseIA.TwitBase.TwitsTool : tool for managing Twits
  • HBaseIA.TwitBase.UsersTool : tool for managing Users
  • HBaseIA.TwitBase.LoadUsers : tool for loading random Users
  • HBaseIA.TwitBase.LoadTwits : tool for loading random Twits

The following MapReduce jobs can be launched the same way:

  • HBaseIA.TwitBase.mapreduce.TimeSpent : run TimeSpent log processing MR job
  • HBaseIA.TwitBase.mapreduce.CountShakespeare : run Shakespearean counter MR job
  • HBaseIA.TwitBase.mapreduce.HamletTagger : run hamlet-tagging MR job

Other utilities and scripts

The following utilities are available for you to play with:

  • utils.TablePreSplitter : create pre-split table


Copyright (C) 2012 Nick Dimiduk, Amandeep Khurana

Distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0, the same as HBase.