build is like Makefile for single files
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build is like Makefile for single files.

Instead of having to write a separate Makefile, build reads the build instructions from comments in the file itself. Therefore, you can distribute a file (or gist) by itself without a build script or Makefile.


Add this line to a markdown file:

<!-- @build pandoc -N --toc -o %pdf %md -->

or this line to a mscgen file:

# @build mscgen -T png -o images/%png %msc

And then run build or build *.md to build multiple files at once.


A comment in the file should contain @build command. The command can expand %ext to filename.ext automatically.

Note that:

  • if the file does not contain a command, build attempts to load a default command for the file extension from ~/.config/build.defaults
  • build succeeds and exits after the run command is found

build types

You can define multiple build types with the following syntax (within files):

@build-{type} command

Then, invoke build with

build -{type} [files]


build is written in a single Lua file. To install:

  1. copy build.lua where you want;
  2. create a shell alias so that build invokes lua /path/to/build.lua.

For instance, for:

  • bash, run: alias build=lua /path/to/build.lua
  • fish, run:
function build
  lua /path/to/build.lua $argv
funcsave build


build is written by Henri Binsztok and licensed under the MIT license.