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Introduction to R with ggplot2

Audience Computational Skills Prerequisites Duration
Biologists Beginner/Intermediate None 32-3 hour workshop (~2-3 hours of trainer-led time)


This repository has teaching materials for a 2-3 hour, hands-on Introduction to R workshop led at a quick pace. The workshop will give participants an overview of the basics of R and RStudio. R is a simple programming environment that enables the effective handling of data, while providing excellent graphical support. RStudio is a tool that provides a user-friendly environment for working with R.

These materials are intended to provide a quick overview of the R programming language and plotting with the ggplot2 package.

Learning Objectives

  • R syntax: Understanding the different 'parts of speech' in R; introducing variables and functions, demonstrating how functions work, and modifying arguments for specific use cases.
  • Data structures in R: Getting a handle on the classes of data structures and the types of data used by R.
  • Data inspection and wrangling: Reading in data from files. Using indices and various functions to subset, merge, and create datasets.
  • Visualizing data: Visualizing data using plotting functions from the ggplot2 package.
  • Exporting data and graphics: Generating new data tables and plots for use outside of the R environment.

These materials are developed for a trainer-led workshop, but also amenable to self-guided learning.


Lessons Estimated Duration
Introduction to R and RStudio 20 min
Syntax and data structures 20 min
Functions, arguments, packages and seeking help in R 20 min
Data wrangling 45 min
Data visualization with ggplot2 45 min

Installation Requirements

Download the most recent versions of R and RStudio for your laptop: