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Versioning your Data and Scripts

Wednesday August 7, 2019

Authors: Radhika Khetani (rkhetani), Bob Freeman (devbioinfoguy), Meeta Mistry (mistrm82), Kathleen Keating (kthlnktng)


Tired of wading through files/folders titled 'paper_v1', 'paper_v2', 'paper_v3_beforeAdvisor'... ? This hands-on workshop will introduce the concepts of using a version control system to manage changes and the history of your data files (text, web, scripts, etc.).

Pre-lesson Preparation:

  1. Please Download and install GitKraken.
  2. Create an account for yourself on GitHub. Please be sure to select the free/academic account, as this option has more long-term flexibility.
  3. Download the workshop example files


  1. Introduction to Version Control
  2. Getting Started with Git using GitKraken
  3. Remote repositories, managing conflicts
  4. Working with Commits* (WIP! This uses old narrative and commit timeline)
  5. Branching*

*Intermediate lessons

NOTE: These materials and the files within are governed by the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY 4.0).

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