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Created ArtMIND, a web application for the Philadelphia Museum of Art Hackathon 3.0. (April/May 2018)
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About this repository

This repository contains the code for ArtMind, a web application created for the Philadelphia Museum of Art Hackathon 3.0, held April through May 2018. ArtMIND was one of eight (8) hackathon applications and one of five applications to be chosen for public presentation and final judging on May 25, 2018.


Unfortunately, the demo application is no longer operational due to loss of API access. That said, to see what remains of the application, please navigate to the current dev location.

ArtMIND Description

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) Hackathon 3.0 and create ArtMIND (more info @, a web application that looks great on mobile devices and is designed to help PMA members and visitors connect more deeply with the art. Making ArtMIND was a new experience for our team, and we came together. We wrote recommendation algorithms and a web application prototype (code @ that allows the user to log in; view and register "like"-style opinions 10 pieces or art from selected galleries across the PMA collection, chosen by hand or randomly; and receive recommendations for additional PMA artworks to visit. With ArtMIND, visitors to the Philadelphia Museum of Art can view art from a dozen galleries on their phone the moment they walk in the door, discover a piece they like, and know where to go to see it in person.

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