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This is a simple "cat clicker" application. It was created as part of my Udacity Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree course.

Quick Start

Navigate to the web application. Interact with it as follows:

  • Click on the cat menu (up top) to choose a cat
  • Click on a cat's photo increment its clicks.
  • Click on the Admin button, update the information, and click save to update a cat's saved information.

Udacity's "Cat Clicker Premium Pro" Project Requirements


The application should display
    a list of cats by name
    an area to display the selected cat
    an admin button
    an admin area with inputs for changing the cat's name, url, and number of clicks (hidden by default)

In the cat display area, the following should be displayed
    the cat's name
    a picture of the cat
    text showing the number of clicks
The specifics of the layout do not matter, so style it however you'd like.


When a cat name is clicked in the list, the cat display area should update to show the data for the selected cat.
The number of clicks in the cat area should be unique to each cat, and should increment when the cat's picture is clicked.
When the admin button is clicked, the admin area should appear with the inputs filled in for the currently-selected cat.
When the cancel button in the admin area is pressed, the admin area disappears.
When the save button in the admin area is pressed, the currently-selected cat's values update with the values in the admin area, and the admin area disappears.
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