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Added object/class functionality to existing game engine to create playable game.
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This is my Udacity Front-End Engineering course arcade game project.


To try it, open index.html in a browser and use the arrow keys to move the character to the far side of the street. When you make it, you win! Be sure to dodge the bugs along the way. Hit one, and you will have to start over again.


The original source for much of this code is: THANK YOU to the Udacity and the authors for this original starter and game engine code.

Original documentation from source:

Students should use this rubric for self-checking their submission. Make sure the functions you write are object-oriented - either class functions (like Player and Enemy) or class prototype functions such as Enemy.prototype.checkCollisions, and that the keyword 'this' is used appropriately within your class and class prototype functions to refer to the object the function is called upon. Also be sure that the file is updated with your instructions on both how to 1. Run and 2. Play your arcade game.

For detailed instructions on how to get started, check out this guide.

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