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package com.dreizak.tgv
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import com.dreizak.tgv.transport.backoff.ExponentialBackoffStrategy.exponentialBackoffStrategy
import com.dreizak.tgv.transport.http.sonatype.{ AsyncHttpTransport, StreamingAsyncHttpClient }
import com.dreizak.tgv.transport.throttle.Rate.ToRate
import com.dreizak.util.concurrent.CancellableFuture.{ result, sequence }
import com.ning.http.client.AsyncHttpClient
import com.ning.http.client.AsyncHttpClientConfig.Builder
object SampleApp extends App {
// Create the underlying HTTP client
// (Note: currently, only Ning's AsyncHttpClient is supported.)
val httpClient = new AsyncHttpClient(new Builder().
// Create threads to handle the request processing; all processing will be done
// asynchronously, so the number of requests we can handle is not limited by the number
// of threads configured here
val numberOfThreads = Runtime.getRuntime().availableProcessors() * 2
val executionService = new ExecutionContextService(numberOfThreads).start()
implicit val executionContext = executionService.context()
// Create a basic client (no retrying, no throttling, no transforms)
val transport = AsyncHttpTransport(new StreamingAsyncHttpClient(httpClient))
// Add throttling on top
val throttled = transport.withThrottling(3 per (1 second))
// Add retrying on top
// Note: any requests on `retrying` will be throttled and, if needed, retried
val retrying = throttled.withRetryStrategy(backoffStrategy = exponentialBackoffStrategy(maxRetries = 10))
// Execute requests in parallel
val words = List("Zurich", "Basel", "Paris", "London", "Washington", "Rome", "Palermo", "Nice", "Barcelona", "Vienna", "Berlin")
val futures = => retrying.body(retrying.getBuilder("" + w).build))
// Wait until all responses have come in
result(sequence(futures))(30 seconds)
println("Shut down.")