K-Induction adopting program invariants
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DepthK 3.1

K-Induction adopting program invariants


     // \\    > L I N U X - GPL <
    /(   )\


  • Requirements for using the tool
    To use this tool is necessary that the system contains the following software already installed properly:


How to install DepthK?

First of all, you need to install the required packages:

  • STEP 0:
  • Uncrustify:
    Ubuntu $ sudo apt-get install uncrustify
    Fedora $ sudo yum install uncrustify
  • Pycparser:
    Ubuntu $ sudo apt-get install python-pycparser
    Fedora $ sudo yum install python-pycparser
  • Ctags:
    Ubuntu $ sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags
    Fedora $ sudo yum install ctags
  • Clang:
    Ubuntu $ sudo apt-get install clang-3.5
    Fedora $ sudo yum install clang-3.5
  • GCC:
    Ubuntu $ sudo apt-get install gcc
    Fedora $ sudo yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
  • Java:
    Ubuntu $ sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre
  • PIPS (optional):
    Available at http://pips4u.org/copy_of_getting-pips/building-and-installing-pips-from%20svn
    You should set the environment variable PATH in your .bashrc file.
    Checkout Step 4: Load the PIPS environment variables from that link
  • STEP 1:

In order to install DepthK on your PC, you should download and save the depthk.zip file on your disk. After that, you should type the following command:

$ unzip depthk.zip

or from https://github.com

$ git clone https://github.com/hbgit/depthk.git

  • STEP 2:

Testing tool. DepthK can be invoked through a standard command-line interface. DepthK should be called in the installation directory. For help and others options:

$ ./depthk.py --help

Use the 'depthk-wrapper.sh' script in the installation directory to verify each single test-case:

$ ./depthk-wrapper.sh -c /home/user/depthk/samples/ALL.prp /home/user/depthk/samples/example1_true-unreach-call.c


Instructions for SV-COMP'17

Use the 'depthk-wrapper.sh' script in the installation directory to verify each single test-case.


$ ./depthk-wrapper.sh -c full/path/propertyFile.prp full/path/file.i

DepthK provides as verification result: TRUE + Witness The specification is satisfied (i.e., there is no path that violates the specification) and a correctness witness is produced; FALSE + Witness The specification is violated (i.e., there exists a path that violates the specification) and an violation witness is produced; or UNKNOWN The tool cannot decide the problem or terminates by a tool crash, time-out, or out-of-memory (i.e., the competition candidate does not succeed in computing an answer TRUE or FALSE). For each witness produced it is genetared a file in DepthK root-path graphml folder; this file has the same name of the verification task with the extension graphml. There is timeout of 895 seconds set by this script, using "timeout" tool that is part of coreutils on debian and fedora.