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My personal Vim configuration.
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Hersh's Vim Configuration

I use Vim for writing code and note taking. Definitely no Vim expert, but it's definitely saved me time since switching from conventional (non-modal) text editors.


If you clone this repository into your ~/.vim/, you should immediately have access to my setup. All dependencies are initialized as git submodules, and pathogen is used to manage runtime activities.

Also, make sure to install the latest version of Vim with python support. If you use homebrew, you can issue the following commands:

brew remove vim
brew cleanup
brew install vim --with-python3 --override-system-vi

Vim-Pandoc Implementation for Notes

I use vim-pandoc so that I can create documents using pandoc markdown, and then using a single editor shortcut (:Render) render the markdown file as a PDF via a LaTeX engine. This saves time, and allows for specification of TeX parameters like margins, template, etc. Also inline formulas work great.


I use lightbar and some other modifications to make Vim look pretty.

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