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A simple script that deletes your old tweets based on a given cut off date.

Due to twitter's API rate limit, the script has been limited to 100 deletes per execution. There is also a hard limit of 2400 updates to tweets per day. Please be aware of the rate limits, otherwise your account may be suspended.


  • npm install

Quick Start

  • Request your twitter data from Twitter (link). You will receive an email in your email with a download link to your data, this may take a some time especially if you have a lot of twitter data.

  • You need a valid Twitter developer credentials in the form of a set of consumer and access tokens/keys (link). You will also need to grant write permission to your application.

  • Extract your twitter data and copy data/tweet.js into the scripts working directory

  • Copy the sample .env file cp .env.sample .env

  • Edit the .env file and replace the placeholders with your twitter app tokens/keys obtained earlier

    TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY=**your key**
    TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET=**your secret**
    TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_KEY=**your token key**
    TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET=**your token secret**
  • Execute the script (below will delete 100 tweets before 2011-01-01)

    • node index.js -d 2011-01-01
      • -d - cutoff date in yyyy-mm-dd format
      • -n - number of tweets to delete (optional, default to 100)
  • IDs of deleted tweets will be written to deleted.js

  • Rerun the script to continue the next batch of tweets

To see all of the scripts options, please run node index.js -h


Originally authored by @hbish

Special thanks to Twitter for Node.js for the awesome twitter client.