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A package inspired by [1], implementing dithering algorithms that can be used with PIL/Pillow.


This module is a small extension to PIL/Pillow, adding a more managable palette object and several dithering algorithms:

  • Error diffusion dithering
    • Floyd-Steinberg
    • Jarvis-Judice-Ninke
    • Stucki
    • Burkes
    • Sierra3
    • Sierra2
    • Sierra-2-4A
    • Stevenson-Arce
    • Atkinson
  • Standard ordered dithering
    • Bayer matrix
    • Cluster dot matrix
    • Arbitrary square threshold matrix (not implemented yet)
  • Yliluoma's ordered dithering (see [1])
    • Algorithm 1
    • Algorithm 2 (not implemented yet)
    • Algorithm 3 (not implemented yet)

The dithering algorithms are applicable for arbitrary palettes and for both RGB and greyscale images.


pip install git+


Bayer dithering using a median cut palette:

from PIL import Image
import hitherdither

img ='image.jpg')
palette = hitherdither.palette.Palette.create_by_median_cut(img)
img_dithered = hitherdither.ordered.bayer.bayer_dithering(
    img, palette, [256/4, 256/4, 256/4], order=8)

Yliluoma's Algorithm 1 using a predefined palette:

from PIL import Image
import hitherdither

palette = hitherdither.palette.Palette(
    [0x080000, 0x201A0B, 0x432817, 0x492910,
     0x234309, 0x5D4F1E, 0x9C6B20, 0xA9220F,
     0x2B347C, 0x2B7409, 0xD0CA40, 0xE8A077,
     0x6A94AB, 0xD5C4B3, 0xFCE76E, 0xFCFAE2]

img ='image.jpg')
img_dithered = hitherdither.ordered.yliluoma.yliluomas_1_ordered_dithering(
    img, palette, order=8)


Tests can be run with pytest:

hbldh@devbox:~/Repos/hitherdither$ py.test tests
============================= test session starts ==============================
platform linux -- Python 3.5.2, pytest-3.0.2, py-1.4.31, pluggy-0.3.1
rootdir: /home/hbldh/Repos/hitherdither, inifile:
collected 13 items

tests/ ...
tests/ ..........

========================== 13 passed in 0.11 seconds ===========================


[1](1, 2) Joel Yliluoma's arbitrary-palette positional dithering algorithm (