A pure-Python implementation of Doge Serialized Object Notation (DSON).
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dogeparser is such pure-Python DSON parser, many wow. It has a similar API to the standard JSON module in Python.

The doge-friendly specification for DSON is found at: http://dogeon.org


import dogeparser

# {"foo": "bar", "doge": "shibe"}
obj = dogeparser.loads('such "foo" is "bar". "doge" is "shibe" wow') 

Test Driver

You can run the dogeparser module as a standalone program. It parsers each line on standard input as a DSON object and pretty-prints the resulting Python object.

doge@shibe-inu $ python3 dogeparser.py
such "shibe" is "doge"? "inu" is so 1 and 2 also 3 many wow
{'inu': [1, 2, 3], 'shibe': 'doge'}
such wow

Remaining Work

Shibe dogeparser is not production code yet, do not use to make money.

  • dson serialization from Python objects is not yet implemented.