Code to help test the performance of the NFS protocol in an automated fashion. Uses EC2.
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NFS Test Helpers for Amazon EC2

This code runs various tests of the NFS protocol's performance on Amazon EC2.

Getting Started

After you've downloaded the code, you'll need to make a file called passwords.txt containing a valid AWS Access Key ID on the first line, and the associated Secret Access Key on the second line. Do not put anything else in this file. (If you do not know where to find these, they can be created through the Amazon AWS Control Panel under Security Credentials.) For your safety, you may wish to chmod 600 this file.

You will also need to create a keypair in the EC2 control panel called mypair and place it in the ~/.ssh/ folder to communicate over ssh with the test instances. The full path to the keypair should be ~/.ssh/mypair.pem. You can modify this path in the source if you like.

Additional information and test results are available in the paper [TODO: GoogleDoc link]

[This doc is still under construction.]