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1 We at SparkleShare love it when people talk about SparkleShare, build
2 businesses around SparkleShare and produce products that make life
3 better for SparkleShare users and developers. We do, however, have a
4 trademark, which we are obliged to protect. The trademark gives us
5 the exclusive right to use the term to promote websites, services,
6 businesses and products. Although those rights are exclusively ours,
7 we are happy to give people permission to use the term under most
8 circumstances.
10 The following is a general policy that tells you when you can refer
11 to the SparkleShare name and logo without need of any specific
12 permission from SparkleShare:
14 First, you must make clear that you are not SparkleShare and that you
15 do not represent SparkleShare. A simple disclaimer on your home page
16 is an excellent way of doing that.
18 Second, you may not incorporate the SparkleShare name or logo into
19 the name or logo of your website, product, business or service.
21 Third, you may use the SparkleShare name (but not the SparkleShare
22 logo) only in descriptions of your website, product, business or
23 service to provide accurate information to the public about yourself.
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25 Fourth, you may not use the SparkleShare graphical logo.
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27 If you would like to use the SparkleShare name or logo for any other
28 use, please contact us and we’ll discuss a way to make that happen.
29 We don’t have strong objections to people using the name for their
30 websites and businesses, but we do need the chance to review such use.
31 Generally, we approve your use if you agree to a few things, mainly:
32 (1) our rights to the SparkleShare trademark are valid and superior to
33 yours and (2) you’ll take appropriate steps to make sure people don’t
34 confuse your website for ours. In other words, it’s not a big deal,
35 and a short conversation (usually done via email) should clear
36 everything up in short order.
38 If you currently have a website that is using the SparkleShare name and
39 you have not gotten permission from us, don’t panic. Let us know, and
40 we’ll work it out, as described above.
d726c9a @hbons Add basic trademark policy from
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