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Building on Linux distributions

You can choose to build SparkleShare from source or to get the package through your distribution's repositories. To run SparkleShare, you'll need the following packages:

Note: Git 1.9 changed the way local projects without a history are handled, and may cause protocol errors. Until a solution is found, it's recommended to use Git 1.8.

git 1.8.x
mono-core >= 2.8

Note: These packages may not overlap with the packages required to perform a build, so please make sure that at least the above packages are installed.

Optional packages:

gvfs (to change file/folder icons)
libappindicator (for Ubuntu integration)
curl (to make the "sparkleshare://" protocol handler work)

Installing common build requirements

You can use one of the commands listed below for the most used Linux distributions:

desktop-file-utils intltool libtool mono-devel mono-gmcs mono-mcs monodevelop nant

Installing additional source build requirements

Install the gtk-sharp3 bindings from:
Or on Ubuntu, get it from this PPA:

Install the notify-sharp bindings from:

Install the soup-sharp and webkitgtk-sharp bindings from:

All with the usual:

sudo make install

If you're using Ubuntu, also install the appindicator-sharp bindings from:

Starting the build

You can build and install SparkleShare like this:

$ ./configure (or ./ if you build from the repository)
$ make
$ sudo make install

Resetting SparkleShare settings

rm -Rf ~/SparkleShare
rm -Rf ~/.config/sparkleshare


sudo make uninstall
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