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Add way to update host identity #1078

dolphinaura opened this Issue Nov 21, 2012 · 8 comments


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I recently reimaged the openvz VPS I had been using to host sparkleshare on. Going back to the clients, readding the repo, deleting the repo, and then readding it, and uninstalling and removing the AppData files had the same error (below)

"Warning, remote host identification has changed"
"fatal: the remote host hung up unexpectedly"

When you say "reimage" do you mean going back in time to a known good copy or that you started over from scratch?

I assume starting over from scratch, so:
Did you use dazzle to setup the server?
Did you do a "dazzle link" again?

Yes, I used dazzle to setup the server, and used dazzle link to relink the sparkleshare client.

Do other networking methods work: e.g. can you ping the server or do a traceroute from the client to the server? Did the IP or hostname change and did you take that into account when re-adding it?

Try looking for the log files to see if there's any more detail.


hbons commented Nov 21, 2012

this is due to the local known_hosts file: it still contains the old host key. this causes SSH to complain about the changed identity (and rightfully so, this could be a MITM attack).

as a temporary fix you can replace the old host key in ~/.ssh/known_hosts. we'll have to think about how SparkleShare should handle this situation without annoying people and having to fall back to editing config files or running commands.

Where is the known_hosts file stored in Windows?


hbons commented Nov 22, 2012

@dolphinaura it should be in your home folder, but hidden.

Thank you, this worked perfect. I had re-installed ubuntu on my VPS and this solved the other half of my "re-link" dilemma.

For anyone else: in windows 7 find the (hidden) file "known_hosts" here:
Just open with notepad and clear the line with your sparkleshare server IP address.

hbons, thank you for this project, I love it. Currently working perfectly with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (after installing curl of course).

dermotw commented Feb 9, 2013

atmartins, are you sure that that's the correct location for known_hosts? When I migrated my git repo to a new host, I had to add the identity for the new host to C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\SparkleShare\msysgit.ssh.

Adding it to C:\Users%USERNAME%.ssh had no effect.

@hbons hbons added the security label Nov 7, 2014

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