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Show link code + copy button in about dialog #1129

markamber opened this Issue · 8 comments

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When testing deployment of SparkleShare to my high school's FIRST robotics team testers were having a disproportionately hard time finding their link code, compared to installing and setting up a folder.

This should be made simple with a menu entry allowing a user to locate or copy the link code file via the status icon. This would greatly ease deployments of SparkleShare to novice users.


which version of SparkleShare is this?
did you miss the code on the first run tutorial?


I run the Mac version and I was obviously able to find the link code (Im a linux windows and mac user and know my way around a computer)
My less experianced guinne pigs downloaded version 1.0, so am I.
I installed it on windows and saw no link code in the tutorial...

Let me get annother computer and try an install there


you should see it on the last page of the tutorial. which also mentions a copy is kept in your SparkleShare folder.


thanks! :)

ok, glad it makes sense now. i'll make sure the link code will appear in the about dialog as well, so it will be easier to find when you go look for it. i guess it's easy to forget where to get it when it's been a while you last used the code or went throught the first run tutorial.


I completely agree with markamber here. Has this issue been solved now? This was the first stumbling block I encountered when I tried connecting for the first time. I had missed this in the tutorial which goes from being well made and super easy to suddenly "Copy this long code now or you'll have to Google to find out where it is saved on your computer later".

And, BTW: Where on my system should I start looking for the SparkleShare folder?

Sparkleshare looks really sleek and well made so it's kinda just a couple of small fixes like this and you'll be there.


the ground work has been done and the Mac client now provides the ability to find the link code in the status icon menu. now the UI bits for Linux and Windows just need to be added.

@hbons hbons closed this in c228337
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