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No error status for size limit #1193

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I'm using a git server that has a maximum file size of 20 MB. When I added a 22 MB file to my SparkleShare folder, the git push command failed. But SparkleShare gave me a message that says "Projects are up to date." It should correctly report the failure.

The relevant lines from the log file:

11:00:44 | Git | sandbox.git | error: Object too large (22,910,693 bytes), rejecting the pack. Max object size limit is 20,971,520 bytes.
11:00:44 | Git | sandbox.git | fatal: sha1 file '<stdout>' write error: Invalid argument
11:00:44 | Git | sandbox.git | error: failed to push some refs to 'ssh://REDACTED'

By looking at the server's repo, I can confirm that the push has not succeeded -- the commit with the new file is not there.

I'm running SparkleShare for Windows, version 1.0. The "Projects are up to date" message appears in the contextual menu for the system tray icon.


i'm curious why you would want to limit object sizes?
i could make SparkleShare report an error, but it is one you could never recover of without getting dirty with Git on the command line, as the object is already it the local database and can't ever be pushed...


I don't know why my IT department decided to limit object sizes. But they did, and it's a thing I have to live with.

IMO, it's better to report an error, even if it's messy to fix, than to leave the false impression that everything is OK. I spent a long time trying to figure out why the files weren't showing up in my repo (on the server side). The "Projects are up to date" message from SparkleShare made it sound like the push had succeeded.


can you post the full log of the failed push?


Hi, I just realized I never got back to you on this. Unfortunately, I've uninstalled SparkleShare, and no longer have the log file. Sorry!

(SparkleShare is a nice product, but it just wouldn't be a good fit with all the weird IT restrictions I'm working under.)

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