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Individual folder syncing status #528

l3iggs opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Users need better visibility to the sync status of each SprkleShare folder.

Here's one idea:
When I click on the tray icon I'm presented with a list of my SparkleShare folders. They each have a folder icon next to them. That icon seems to be meaningless.

The icon for each folder should indicate the state of that particular folder. Here are some cases I'd like to see:
arrow moving upwards (with a percent completion if you can) --> sending local changes to remote
arrow moving downwards (with a percent completion if you can) --> receiving remote changes
green folder --> folder synced and up to date with remote
red folder with exclamation point --> some error, like can't find remote folder (Server offline or whatever)

The tray icon should always show a red icon if any of the folders are broken. It should show a spinning star if there are no broken folders and at least one is uploading or downloading. It should show a green folder if all the folders are in sync and idle. This implies that SparkleShare is continuously doing some folder connection health monitoring and updating the icons in the background at X interval.

If I take my git server offline I should be able to watch all my folders go red as SparkleShare realizes the links to the remote folders are broken. I should be able to watch all my folders turn back to green if I bring my server back on line.

If it's unreasonable to do this all in the tray icon menu, I propose a folder status gui window is created that presents this information.

This is an important issue for me. I can have my git repo/server/whatever configured incorrectly and sparkleshare gives me no indication whatsoever about this. I am fooled into thinking that my files are being synced properly. That's really bad.


"If it's unreasonable to do this all in the tray icon menu, I propose a folder status gui window is created that presents this information."

I don't think this is unreasonable. You just described how this could be done without a problem and yet you want to introduce more UI. :)


I proposed the addition of a new UI window in case this stuff is technically not feasible in the tray icon menu. I don't even know if animations are allowed in a tray icon drop down menu for showing things like percentages changing. That's the only reason I can think of that this should be presented in its own window.


Animations no... but a different icon shape would do the trick.

This was referenced

I have been attempting to implement this - so far it was working when i used the process status icons
i am now attempting to change it to folder status icons and it does not work

i will continue on this - but if anyone wants to take a pick and give me a hint - i will appreciate it


@lee-elenbaas great that you are looking into this!

perhaps it's an icon lookup problem?


it could be - i am still somewhat at a loss as to how you placed your icons in your build system


@lee-elenbaas i saw you made a few more commits. did manage to resolve the icon problem?


this is now implemented in the "pausing" branch. just need to add icons.

@hbons hbons closed this
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