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sparkleshare-dashboard gone? #970

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hi sparklesharers!

first of all: great job.. use it heavily in my daily life! in fact it got me completely shuting down my dropbox account for good.

..but i'm wondering where the sparkleshare-dashboard repo has gone? did you drop the idea of having a simple serverside web interface or is it coming back elsewhere?
i really liked the idea and was considering using it in my company. i even implemented automatic generation of invites plus receiving keys on klick for easy usage for my kolleges/users. i was planing to make my changes availible upstream here on github.. but now: hello 404 :(

please let me know whats happening with the dashboard or if i should look for alternatives like gitlab (gitlab would be much more effort to modify for my needs though).

thanks a lot!


I have the same issue. Now the iPhone version also won't work anymore.


I did notice it was gone, no idea why. I think @hbons decided it wasn't up to par or something.


I'd really like to know how to install the dashboard. Even if it's a little buggy, it's better than not having the dashboard at all. I can get by without it, but I just spent a few hours installing and troubleshooting to adapt this for the company I work for, and frankly... my boss needs the dashboard. I really hope I didn't just waste the time.


thanks but this is my clone anyway. its just that i dont want to spend much time with it if the developers killed the idea of having a server side implementation. also the android client doesnt make much sense if there is no dashboard. i only want to know if there is a future plan of bringing it back or if i should go for another hosting solution.


I'm curious to where the repo went. Thankfully I got a copy up and running before it tanked. Can you even use the Mobile Apps with out the Dashboard?


Nope, mobile relies on the dashboard, which makes it weird that is was apparently deleted


Hopefully there is a major re-release coming with a read DB backend so self-service and multiple users becomes much easier.


hey everyone,

i've decided to discontinue the SparkleShare Dashboard for the following reasons:

  • it's unmaintained. bugs weren't getting fixed. people had trouble getting it running. it didn't get the attention needed to get where i wanted it to be.
  • lack of time and limiting SparkleShare's scope. the butter was getting spread too thin. nobody benefits from a wide range of components that all together don't work well. i want to return to keeping the focus on the Linux/Mac/Windows apps, which take up a lot, if not most, of my free time and release something solid.
  • there are already better alternatives out there. Gitlab and Gitorious for example already cover most of the functionality and are actively developed. they also include often requested features like team/user management on top of that. that's why i'm recommending trying those out instead. both are also open source, so i would make much more sense to put some small SparkleShare related patches on top of those if need be.

you can still find forks on Github if you still need it. i still have to find a solution for the Android app (although it also suffers from most of the problems listed above), most likely splitting out the API server bit.

the recommended way to set up a simple host is by using Dazzle now (the bash script covered on the website).

hope that sheds some light on the issue.

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Will there be any replacement, or alternative for mobile users ?


I hate to advertise other products but I abandoned Sparkleshare for these guys:

Clients for all major mobile OS', desktops and a web interface. Also free.


@CyberfoxDK not any time soon i'm afraid.

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