Configuration options

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There are a few default configuration options you can override by putting them in the config.xml found in:

  • Mac - ~/.config/sparkleshare/
  • Linux (default package manager) - ~/.config/sparkleshare/
  • Linux (flatpak) - ~/.config/org.sparkleshare.SparkleShare/
  • Windows - %APPDATA%\sparkleshare\

These may change or may be removed at any time, so be careful if you plan to make any manual changes.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <name>Hylke Bons</name>
  <folders_path>/Users/hbons/SparkleShare</folders_path> // Optional
  <fetch_avatars>False</fetch_avatars> // Optional
  <notifications>True</notifications> // Optional
    <path>/Users/hbons/Desktop</path> // Optional
    <announcements_url>tcp://server:80</announcements_url> // Optional

To change a project's path

  1. Add the project
  2. Stop SparkleShare
  3. Move the project
  4. Edit the config folder section for the project
    1. Set path to the new parent folder
    2. Change name if you rename the folder as well
  5. Start SparkleShare

To use your avatar

  1. Add an avatar at for the email config value
  2. Add in the <fetch_avatars>True</fetch_avatars> config option
  3. Restart SparkleShare
  4. SparkleShare will then pull down the avatar from there into ~/.config/sparkleshare/avatars/ folder (%APPDATA%\sparkleshare\avatars\ on Windows)
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