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Using SparkleShare with Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket Repos

Jan-T. Brinkmann edited this page Feb 17, 2021 · 2 revisions
  1. Find your Sparkleshare Public Key: This is located the Sparkleshare menu, under Client ID, and also in ~/.config/sparkleshare/<datestamp> or ~/.config/org.sparkleshare.SparkleShare/<datestamp> where <datestamp> is something like 2014-05-11_10h40
  2. Add your SparkleShare Public Key to your Github account: For Github, you'll do that on the Github SSH Keys page. On Gitlab, you'll do that on the Gitlab SSH Keys page. On Bitbucket, you'll find the SSH Keys here:
  3. Add your repo to SparkleShare: You'll do this the usual way, by clicking the SparkleShare icon in the menubar, choosing the "SparkleShare" submenu, then choosing "Add Hosted Project ..."

This is required for both public and private repos.

Your own GitHub Enterprise server

For your own GitHub Enterprise server, choose 'own server'.

The two fields in the 'Add Hosted Project' repo are in the style of

  1. (Address) ssh://git@your_ghe_domain_name
  2. (RemotePath) Organization/RepoName

Note - no .git suffix. Note2 - yes, the user is 'git' not your userid (you did register your SSH key right?)