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Rock Paper Scissors
Write an interactive game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
There will be two players, the program should prompt each in turn for their name
and then each for their "throw" until notifying that one or the other has one.
$ java RockPaperScissors
Player 1 Name: Nate
Player 2 Name: Ben
[R]ock, [P]aper, or [S]cissors? R
[R]ock, [P]aper, or [S]cissors? P
Ben Wins!
The program should be easily modifiable to handle the following
score scenarios:
"First to X" - winner is the first player to win X matches
"Best of X" - winner is the first one to win more than 50% of X matches, only the required number of matches should be played
"To X, win by Y" - winner is first one to win X or more matches, by a margin of Y
There's no need to drag XML into this, command line options should be preferred.
$ java RockPaperScissors -to 5
$ java RockPaperScissors -bestof 5
$ java RockPaperScissors -to 5 -by 2
It should be written in Java, and I'm interested in how Test-Driven Development
guides your design decisions, so it would be helpful if your commit log left a
concise and explanatory trail of what you did and why. git rebase --interactive
may be helpful in revising the past in this regard.
No tricks, here, just an excercise in writing small, complete software.