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Xcode Sucks: Reasons you don't want to develop in iOS

Heath Borders
Senior Software Engineer
Asynchrony Solutions, Inc.


Setup Sucks

  • On-device development requires an Apple Developer Account

  • Can only support 100 devices per account

  • The simulator doesn't support gestures, accelerometer, camera

  • Also has very different performance profile

Editing Text with Xcode Sucks

  • No Refactoring Support

    • Not even renaming

    • Xcode claims to support renaming, but lies

  • No auto-import

  • Terrible code suggestions (NSStream instead of NSString)

Xcode Projects Suck

  • Everything in an Xcode project is managed by a single XML file

    • Conflicts galore!
  • Xcode has virtual groups that aren't linked to the filesystem

    • Missing files galore!

Xcode Stability Sucks

  • It crashes all the time (for some once per hour)

  • bootstrapserver crashes require restarting device

Xcode Debugging Sucks

  • LLDB crashes

  • LLDB claims to support Objective-C syntax, but doesn't due to runtime erasure

  • No hotswapping code

Xcode Command Line Sucks

  • No command line interface for:

    • Installing apps on device or simulator

    • Manipulating device data

    • Accepting permission to track location

Xcode Testing Sucks

  • OCUnit (Apple's preferred Unit Testing Framework) is terrible (could be a whole talk)

  • UIAutomation is crashy/half-baked

  • Objective-C Sucks

  • Interfaces are required for all classes

  • No abstract methods

  • Frameworks take unparsed code instead of lambdas

  • No Generics

  • Can't add null to Collections or Maps

  • Circular imports are errors

  • No language spec, just Clang parser code.

  • Method calls to null are legal, all respond the same

  • Everything you hate about C

  • (Java metaphors used)

Apple Sucks

  • No roadmaps for releases

  • Barely any visibility into bug fixes

  • Radar is a terrible bug tracking tool

  • Rewrote Xcode in 2010, many broken features are still broken 2 years later.

  • Developer Forums are private, not googleable