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The practopians project is a collection of writings published on the web at, home for the Society of Practical Utopians.


In addition to the normal HTML and CSS, the practopians project makes use of the following languages and tools.

  • Markdown -- Most content is written in Markdown syntax, sometimes extended using Multimarkdown/Notenik conventions.

  • Notenik -- Used to edit and organize some of the content.

  • iWisdom -- Used to maintain a collection of relevant quotations.

  • PSTextMerge -- Used to generate the final html pages posted to the website.


The practopians project is organized into the following folders.

  • content -- The site provides several different types of content, and each type of content exists here within its respective subfolder.

    • beliefs -- Core beliefs. This folder can be accessed as a Notenik collection.
    • blog -- Blog posts are organized by author.
    • core -- These are core writings that provide the basic definition of what it means to be a Practical Utopian.
    • intro -- Brief introductory notes.
    • issues -- Issues of particular importance to Practopians.
    • news -- Links to relevant news items, along with brief commentary.
    • tags -- Brief explanations for most of the tags used on the site.
  • factory -- Contains the PSTextMerge templates used to generate the finished website.

  • feed -- The files in this folder are transient files generated as part of the build process.

  • html -- HTML fragments, mostly generated from Markdown content as part of the build process.

  • includes -- PSTextMerge include files, some generated by the build process, others not so much.

  • licenses -- A Creative Commons license governing the use of this project.

  • lists -- Lists of content, including metadata. These lists are used as drivers to portions of the build process.

  • nextnav -- The files in this folder are transient files generated as part of the build process.

  • scripts -- Home for the PSTextMerge script file used to drive the bulk of the build process.

  • web -- The website that is uploaded via FTP in order to publish the latest practopians changes to the Web.

Build Process

  1. Update quotations using iWisdom.

  2. Set iWisdom Tags Export Preferences as follows:

    • Tags to Select: Practopian
    • Tags to Suppress: America, Apple, Business, Lean, Management, Measurement, Pagan Tuna, Practopian, Reason to Rock
  3. Use iWisdom to export All Fields of Entire Collection to a tab delimited text file named '' in the lists folder.

  4. Update content.xls in the lists folder to add a new blog post.

  5. Use PSTextMerge to play the script named 'practopians-gen.tcz' in the scripts folder.


Creative Commons License
Practopians by Herb Bowie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at