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# Introduction

pinocchIO is a file format, a C library and a set of tools for storing audiovisual document descriptors.
pinocchIO is meant to be an easy way for researchers working in the wide area of content-based multimedia analysis to store and share any kind of time-indexed description of the content.

The notion of time-indexed description includes (but is not restricted to) labelled and unlabelled segmentations of a multimedia document, low-level descriptors directly extracted from an audio signal or the frames of a video, as well as manual or automatic semantic annotations of the document.

pinocchIO does NOT provide the necessary tools to automatically extract these from an audiovisual document. It is a way for the members of the community to store and share the output of their own tools.

# Documentation

> cd pinocchIO
> doxygen Doxyfile
> firefox doc/0.3.0/html/index.html &

# History

* pinocchIO 0.3.0 (2010-01-26)
	* New Gepetto API
		* New: gptNewServer() and gptCloseServer() functions (Server API)
		* New: gptNewServerFromConfigurationFile() function (Configuration API)
		* New: gptGetServerDimension() and gptReadNext() functions (Data API)
		* New: gptGetListOfDistinctLabels() and gptGetTimerangesForLabel() functions (Label API) 
	* New Gepetto CLI
		* New: gptdump (equivalent of piodump, for Gepetto servers)
		* New: gptstat
	* New Gepetto documentation (work in progress)
	* Updated pinocchIO API
		* New: pioRemoveTimeline() function (File API)
		* Bug fix: pioWrite() would fail when asked to write 0 (zero) data entry (Dataset API)
		* Bug fix: pioTimeRangeIntersectsTimeRange() would return TRUE in case first time range ends and second time range starts simultaneously (Time API)
		* New: pioGetTimeMax() and pioGetTimeMin() functions (Time API)
		* New: pioGetTimerangeBetweenTimes() function (Time API)
		* New: pioGetTimerangeIntersection() function (Time API)
	* Updated pinocchIO CLI
		* Enhancement: ascii2pio - added support for variable number of entries per timerange
		* Enhancement: ascii2pio - added option (--unit) for timestamps that are not printed in seconds
		* Enhancement: piodump - added option (--multiple) to dump, on the same line, multiple entries per timerange
		* Enhancement: piorm - added support for timeline deletion
	* Updated pinocchIO documentation

* pinocchIO 0.2.5 (2010-01-12)
	 * New pioCopyTimeline() and pioCopyDataset() functions
	 * Updated piocp tool with new option to copy all timelines and datasets

* pinocchIO 0.2.4 (2010-01-10)
	 * Bug fix in pioClose...() functions
	 * Documentation