Build chromium using Docker to fix white flash issue
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Chromium docker build

What is it?

dockerfile + instructions on how to build chromium for ubuntu 14.04

This used to build chromium for


building chromium within docker is safer since:

  • chromium installs too many dependencies and updates/upgrades libraries
  • chromium build/install instructions can get complicated and having a repeatable process is reliable

How to build chromium?

docker-compose build chromium docker-compose run chromium

What about other chromium versions?

Update the dockerfile and select the version you want. Instructions might need to be tweaked if dependencies are missing or built is broken.

Why is the src inside docker instead of mounted as a volume?

Chromium Python code fails due to cross-device link issues when dealing with mounted volumes. Possible fixes would be in latest docker versions and alternative filesystems. The workaround is not worth the time a copy would take.

What are the sh scripts for?

experiment with tweaks, development etc. Make sure to commit the container (save as docker image) to not lose progress


  • rent cloud vm with highcpus since compilation can take hours on regular computers.
  • estimated cost from start to finish ~4$ on 64vcpu google cloud