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git svn migration

Migrates a subversion repository into a Git repository. Uses git-svn + transforms svn externals into git submodules

What it does

  • full migration
  • handles externals by detecting if they should be submodules or symlinks
  • migrates ignore statements
  • migrates empty directories
  • generates .gitmodules + .gitignore files
  • supports bitbucket as a remote
  • creates remote repositories + submodules


  • define authors in batch/authors.txt

    • use svn log --xml | grep author | sort -u | perl -pe 's/.>(.?)<./$1 = /' to list authors from your SVN repository
    • define authors in batch/authors.txt
  • execute step1 php step1_clone_repo.php repository_dump_directory/ svn_url repo_name

    • imports the svn repository into git (uses the authors.txt file)

    • generates a list of svn externals into a file -- to be converted into git submodules or symbolic links

    • converts svn ignore statements to git

    • imports empty svn directories

    • uses the information from batch/config.yml to push to the remote -- bitbucket

      • user = bitbucket user
      • passwd = bitbucket passwd
      • owner = different from user if repo belongs to an organization
      • delete_before_import = delete the repository on bitbucket before importing -- useful because it allows you to run the script multiple times without having to delete the git repositories and all the submodules manually

e.g php batch/step1_clone_repo.php /home/username/repos/ http://svn_url_to_repository git_repo_name;

  • Execute step 2 e.g php batch/step2_fix_externals.php /home/username/repos/ git_repo_name

    • reads file where submodules + symlinks are listed
    • loops through svn externals and calls step1 to import them as git submodules -- Note: recursive externals will generate their own files and must handled separately
    • creates symbolic links
  • (Optional) Execute step 2b php batch/step2b_convert_symlinks.php /home/username/repos/ git_repo_name

    • converts symbolic links into regular files by copying the content. -- Necessary for Windows support


  • /home/username/repos/ will contain a lot of directories including __tmp_svn directories (svn repositories). This is useful if a mistake was made and you need to run the scripts again.
  • If the repositories are pushed on the remote host. Feel free to delete the /home/username/repos/ directory

Silent crashes

  • If it stops mid-migration, review the authors.txt and make sure no authors are missing

Side Notes

  • Designed to be ran once. If you run it again, delete the remote repository
  • The /home/username/repos directory contains cached information about the repository. Delete it if you fail to run the migration and want to try it again


☠ scripts to migrate svn to git and convert externals to submodules or symbolic links






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