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git svn migration

Migrates a subversion repository into a Git repository. Uses git-svn + transforms svn externals into git submodules

What it does

  • full migration
  • handles externals by detecting if they should be submodules or symlinks
  • migrates ignore statements
  • migrates empty directories
  • generates .gitmodules + .gitignore files
  • supports bitbucket as a remote
  • creates remote repositories + submodules


  • define authors in batch/authors.txt

    • use svn log --xml | grep author | sort -u | perl -pe 's/.>(.?)<./$1 = /' to list authors from your SVN repository
    • define authors in batch/authors.txt
  • execute step1 php step1_clone_repo.php repository_dump_directory/ svn_url repo_name

    • imports the svn repository into git (uses the authors.txt file)

    • generates a list of svn externals into a file -- to be converted into git submodules or symbolic links

    • converts svn ignore statements to git

    • imports empty svn directories

    • uses the information from batch/config.yml to push to the remote -- bitbucket

      • user = bitbucket user
      • passwd = bitbucket passwd
      • owner = different from user if repo belongs to an organization
      • delete_before_import = delete the repository on bitbucket before importing -- useful because it allows you to run the script multiple times without having to delete the git repositories and all the submodules manually

e.g php batch/step1_clone_repo.php /home/username/repos/ http://svn_url_to_repository git_repo_name;

  • Execute step 2 e.g php batch/step2_fix_externals.php /home/username/repos/ git_repo_name

    • reads file where submodules + symlinks are listed
    • loops through svn externals and calls step1 to import them as git submodules -- Note: recursive externals will generate their own files and must handled separately
    • creates symbolic links
  • (Optional) Execute step 2b php batch/step2b_convert_symlinks.php /home/username/repos/ git_repo_name

    • converts symbolic links into regular files by copying the content. -- Necessary for Windows support


  • /home/username/repos/ will contain a lot of directories including __tmp_svn directories (svn repositories). This is useful if a mistake was made and you need to run the scripts again.
  • If the repositories are pushed on the remote host. Feel free to delete the /home/username/repos/ directory

Silent crashes

  • If it stops mid-migration, review the authors.txt and make sure no authors are missing

Side Notes

  • Designed to be ran once. If you run it again, delete the remote repository
  • The /home/username/repos directory contains cached information about the repository. Delete it if you fail to run the migration and want to try it again


scripts to migrate svn to git and convert externals to submodules or symbolic links



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