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This project aims to kick start websites using pinax and satchmo, providing the core buildout.cfg and settings files to get new projects up and running.

The buildout will create a new website using the Django 1.1, pinax from git, and satchmo from hg.

There is a sample website project based off pinax social_project which intergrates the satchmo blocks into the base.html template.


  • python-dev
  • virtualenv
  • git
  • mercurial
  • svn


  • Checkout this project to any path

  • Create newproject directory

    mkdir newproject
    cd newproject
  • Execute

  • Edit website/ and set database details.

    See the pinax and satchmo documentation for more configuration options.

  • You need to patch the django_friends to resolve a conflict with a satchmo model.:


    edit #45:

    users = models.ManyToManyField(User)

    add a related name:

    users = models.ManyToManyField(User, related_name="contacts")
  • syncdb

    bin/django syncdb
  • build_media

    bin/django build_media --all
  • runserver using development settings

    bin/django runserver

Post install

It may be helpful to load the satchmo sample data to have something to work with.

load sample locale text

bin/django satchmo_load_l10n

load sample store

bin/django satchmo_load_store

Customize the buildout

If you want to create a site using a modified buildout.cfg, put the buildout.cfg at the root of the project and run The script will see your buildout.cfg and not overwrite it.

It is often a good idea to set a path for download-cache in the main buildout configuration. See

By default buildout will store eggs in the eggs directory of the project structure. Using a common eggs directory allows projects to share the same eggs and makes builds much quicker.

Set the eggs-directory in the main buildout configuration to a writeable path. Make sure the path exists before you run buildout.

For more details on zc.buildout see: